you can find KyuMin

“140327” #‎Inkigayo‬ recording – everyone is taking care of Ming


– Min looked very tired after recording and Kyu came to ask after him and smiled.

   Min looks tired, so when tables were lined up,he lied on the table,wook massage Min’s leg, kyu leaned        his hand on the table and looked at min

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– Donghae too went to him to ask how he was and he took Ming’s hand. Hae & henry tried to cheer ming up cos he was rly tired. Like he kept sighing and closing his eyes to rest while the rest were playing ard.

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– Sungmin’s paper fell from his table and Kyuhyun tried to give one of his papers to him. 

         via : moaningEUNHAE

– Kyuhyun touched Sungmin’s back when they were dancing ~ 

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– Hyuk kept touching min`s butt then said oh as expected from (his) butt~ and henry kept saying butt butt butt lol

         via : youngwoonjungsu

– Sungmin lost his towel so they had to record again, everyone was looking for Min’s towel lol. But apparently it was at the back

          via : yymin07

– Once Zhoumi walked in wrapped around sungmin and they were whispering things to each other.

          via : himurahimeko

– One of the staff went to cheer Sungmin up but he kept his head down doing no with his head.

           via : haengel

– Then this crew walked by ming’s table and the papers flew off. Then ming stared at the guy for damn long. Then he realised the guy wasnt going to come back and pick it up, so he picked it up himself w much displeasure. Then he kept staring at the guy and drummed his fingers on the table whn the guy walked past

            via : boon_yi

– Kyu accidentally hit Sungmin in the face with his towel. Kyuhyun was like SO SORRY LOOKING! He kept looking at Sungmin during his dance part to make sure that min was okay. As soon, as they called “cut” Kyu grabbed min and was like ” are u okay?!?!”min was like yeah, but kyu kept on checking.

            via : himurahimeko


need picture!!!need gif!!!need video!!!! ><


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