ELF, we just need to believe and never tired to wait :)

March, 23th 2013……..  

At that time, I felt very happy because “Super Junior World Tour Concert” Super Show 5 will start….

I don’t think about anything else other than preparing for updated information about their concerts. I didn’t get to watch the concert live, but it didn’t make me sad.

I continued to watch my twitter timeline in order to know the atmosphere of their concerts on the first day……

everything went smoothly, look how it all really enjoyed the concert……

until I read a tweet that until now

I still remember, the content of his tweet “Yesung fell on stage”

I was surprised. I think, just a little accident.  But, when i see a picture, my tears just come out. I’m very sad 😥

I kept crying while reading a tweet on twitter timeline which mostly contains about Yesung falling on stage.

But, not long after the incident, Yesung updated his twitter..


He said, “Don’t worry, I’m Superman.”

I cried loudly. even when he was in pain, he was still thinking about ELF who are concerned about the situation.

I love you so much KIM JONGWOON.

Even so, I know Yesung feel the pain, because I feel it

it turns out, is not just a minor accident that occurred on Yesung in concert that makes me very sad. When they sang Marry U, at the end of the song, Yesung apologize. He was crying. sorry for not being able to perform optimally in the presence of ELF.

Honestly, I’m just worried about his situation when i saw some in bandages in his fingers. Also when looking at the way he runs it looks a bit limp.




March, 24th 2014…


on the second day of their concert, Yesung looks better.

I’m still worried about the state of Yesung.
However, he looks better in the second day of their concert.
although it still looks a bandage on his finger, however, Yesung looked very happy.

He continued to smile, sing very good as usual.

but, there is one thing that suffocating my feeling and certainly all ELF that time.


“I won’t be able to finish Super Show 5…for the rest of the show. Our members will be the ones performing…”



“Plese continue to love Super Junior members..during the time that I’m away…”



“And please, don’t forget me…” -Yesung





I could just cry 😥

I know when the time will come, it’s just that I’m not ready, ah.. I mean I was never prepared for this.

In the concert, I could see how love is Super Junior have.


Thank’s to the supportive members who always ther for Yesung……

tumblr_mka6eqrNgk1qzhfemo1_500 759206117 576662_235749246549999_756620859_n yw BGFH8ZECQAA02Ug 755562867 hy


In the end of concert, one thing that’s Yesung doing make me feel so moved :’)


he’s bowing in front of all ELF at the time…as a farewell before he draftee.




Don’t worry Yesung oppa 🙂 don’t cry because it’s over, smile…beacuse it happened.

“It’s not a goodbye forever, but to see you soon…” _Yesung



May, 6th 2013…


when it finally came. Yesung will begin training for the army.

I knew he wasn’t going to go far away, but could not see him on stage with the other members is the saddest thing for me.

I thought he would be in between by the other members of Super Junior and greet for ELF that waiting in front of the place where he will begin training.

But….everything is not like it. There was no member of Super Junior that drove him, no greeting for ELF who has been waiting for him.

I don’t know what the reason was to remind me of one thing.

Then, Yesung’s words, remind me.

“I’m affraid I won’t be able to say goodbye to all of you with a smile…” -Yesung

I grew to love Yesung, more and more…

I finally understand why he want a quiet enlistment.


Don’t worry, Yesung oppa. I’ll be here and still waiting for you.



May, 6th 2014…


not felt, a year had passed since Yesung began serving a draftee…

I’m still waiting.

Another year, and he will be back to sing for ELF….

Just need to wait and he will come back.



Knowing this, remind me where Kangin, Heechul and Leeteuk must enlistment as well.

Currently, Kangin has returned, and Heechul has also been completed. Leeteuk was about to finish, and now Yesung was living it.

Another year, and Yesung will be back again to get together with Super Junior and ELF.

Although there will be other members who will begin again draftee,

I believe, there was a time where they will be re-complete. Standing in front of the ELF, singing with all the happiness that they continue to make to ELF.

Just need to believe, and time will make it happen.
They will be back as they promised to us.
Promise to believe, ELF.
And do not be tired to wait 🙂




-Kim Yeri-



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