[STARCAST] “It’s our 9th debut anniversary”

… 9 questions we gave to SuperJunior


▷ November, 6th, 2005

One male group has debuted. Their first stage was at SBS-TV ‘Popular Music’. More than 1 thousand fans crowded the broadcasting company in order to see the first recording. A little fan meeting was opened after the stage was over.

▷ November, 11th, 2014

This group has their 9th debut anniversary. There were many changes. They swept the awards domestically. They also changed the history of Asian charts. No.1 of the most and the longest are all their records.

They appeared with the title of ‘Asian’s gateway’. Who are these guys that are not just ‘Junior’s?

“We’re SuperJunior!”

‘SuperJunior’ has their 9th debut anniversary. They have only 1 year left to the decade which the period makes the mountains and rivers change. They are still heading hard for their goal to the longest group.

How would have SuperJunior’s 9 years been? ‘STARCAST’ asked 9 questions to ‘SuperJunior’.
‘How was your 9 years?”

Please focus on ‘reservist’ Leeteuk’s ‘honorific’ reply, ‘great star in space’ Heechul’s chic reply, humorous(?) Siwon’s story, reply of Kyuhyun who is always serious when he’s out from ‘Golden Fishery Radio Star’, and the youngest-like but not the youngest Ryeowook’s wit.

Shindong who is spending time with his family since he has enlistment ahead and Donghae who couldn’t make time due to tight schedule, and Yesung who is serving the military now couldn’t participate in the Q&A. Please be with us on the 10th and 11th anniversary~!


① It’s first about the 9th anniversary for the debut= ‘SuperJunior’ is the root of large male idol group. 9 years is also unbelievable to ‘SuperJunior’. Europe and South America including Asia such as Korea, China, and Japan are their stomping ground. They conveyed gratitude that they could be together for 9 years.

“Time has flown so quickly. I still feel like a rookie. We debuted on September 6th in 2005 by letting go of the 5-year trainee period, but I cannot believe it’s already the 9th anniversary for our debut. A year passes quickly when we go on a tour after releasing an album. The 9th anniversary is very meaningful and also gives me the thought of ‘already’ at the same time. It was possible thanks to fans that care and love us exist although members all did their best. SuperJunior and I will do our best not only for the 9th anniversary but also in the future too” (Leeteuk)

“Thank you ELF that accompanied us for 9 years^^. It has only been 9 years~. Let’s be together always!” (Ryeowook)

“Actually, it still hasn’t hit me yet. I only feel that time flies so fast since we have a long way to go.” (Kyuhyun)

“I cannot feel that it’s already the 9th anniversary since SuperJunior has debuted. I thank you so much. The more exciting thing is that SuperJunior will be together in the future.” (Siwon)

“I don’t feel that a long time has passed, but it has only been 9 years now. I’m looking forward more to those many days that we can be together in the future. I hope fans would also make more memories by getting old (?) together.” (Eunhyuk)

“I think time has passed in a twinkle… There is much to show you yet and I would like to show new image through acting 10 years and 20 years and continuously. I will do my best.” (Kang In)

“I think 9th or 10th anniversaries don’t have much meaning. I just wish that we could be together as much as we have spent time together until now.” (Heechul)


② When was the happiest time to SuperJunior? =9 years that they spent without resting. They have stood at the top as Asia’s top group. When is the happiest time they pick? One member said it was the moment they debuted and another picked the time when they received the first top trophy.

“If I just pick one day, it would be the day when I debuted with ‘TWINS’ on November 6th, 2005. It was the thing that I really wished, the moment when I was reborn with the name of ‘SuperJunior’ while I was living with many worries and anxiety. It was the happiest, cheerful, thrilling and nervous moment.” (Leeteuk)

“The time when SuperJunior’s Ryeowook was in the real time search word. LOL” (Ryeowook)

“I feel the happiest when people get touched and sympathize with my song.” (Kyuhyun)

“It’s difficult to pick just one happiest moment since I have so many happy moments. The time which just comes up my mind now, is when we held Tokyo Dome concert recently. My mother participated Tokyo Dome concert for the first time so that day remains in my memory.” (Siwon)

“When I debuted. It was the desperate and nervous moment.” (Eunhyuk)

“June 25th of 2006, the day when we first ranked no.1. It felt like I was on top of the world.” (Kang In)

(SuperJunior received ‘Popular Music’s Mutizen Song with their single album title song, ‘U’ that time. It was their first no.1 trophy. It was the result they got in 7 months since their debut. So they were more desperate and happy.)

“The moment which remains in my mind are the time when I went on an outing with members together than ranking no.1 or receiving the best award. The happiest time is spending time with members personally than for working. I’m actually still doing this for that fun. LOL. I like to play with members that much.” (Heechul)


③ Wouldn’t being happy and being touched be slightly different? = There were many touching moments. The touching moment which most members remembered was the time of ‘fan event’. They got touched when they first ranked no.1 and at the day when they held concert in Tokyo Dome as solo.

“I always get touched by being no.1, the best award and concerts, etc. If I pick just one out of them, it is the first concert at Tokyo Dome. Our balloon color is pearl sapphire blue. When that place gets all colored with blue, it becomes an aquarium or a sea. I feel like I have become a fish or a mermaid in there. I was so touched since many people loved and focused on us although it’s not easy to get loved by one person.” (Leeteuk)

“We received card section event that we didn’t even expect of at our last farewell at the concert. It’s really touching when we have time like that^^.” (Ryeowook)

(SuperJunior fans are known for opening various card sections every concert. Recently, they opened heart-shaped card section at the ‘SUPER SHOW 6’ Tokyo concert. They are decorating every concert with card sections of various phrases such as ‘Obba, don’t go, let’s get old together’ and ‘Forever friend’.)

“When we first won the no.1 in music broadcast with ‘U’. Maybe at the Popular Music.” (Kyuhyun)

(Kyuhyun joined SuperJunior as member in 2006. He acted as SuperJunior since the time of ‘U’. Besides, he joined the team as the youngest so he got more touched by the first album and first title in which he participated won no.1.)

“I always get touched by the great event which fans prepare carefully every time we hold concerts.” (Siwon)

“The time when we won no.1 with the title of SuperJunior. I believe it is the moment when we ranked no.1 in SBS ‘Popular Music’ for the first time on June 25th, 2006.” (Eunhyuk)

“I got really touched when fans held an event at the concert when I came back from being discharged from the military.” (Kang In)

(They are firmly acting even there are SuperJunior member’s military entrance and discharge. Recently, Yesung is under military service and Shindong is having his service ahead. Leeteuk, Heechul, and Kang In are acting again after finishing their duties.)

“Whenever we hold concerts, fans shake pearl sapphire blue light sabers at the last part. They surf and make letters. Whenever they do that I get touched.” (Heechul)


④ Always cheerful group, but when is the most cheerful moment? = Members are all full of wit. Was it due to that, members all agreed on the time when they were altogether during the 9-year activity period. Taciturn(?) Siwon slightly revealed the secret behind story of the concert rehearsal scene.

“There are no friends that are funny like our members. Personally, the time when we appeared in ‘Strong Heart’ was the funniest. I made ideas with Eunhyuk and Shindong until dawn for concerning about how to make audiences laugh. It was also the time when I improved myself. It was hard but fun and worthwhile.” (Leeteuk)

“There’s no word to say. It’s the funniest when I’m with SuperJunior. Actually, I want to hold up a camera in the waiting room. LOL.” (Ryeowook)

“I had the most cheerful moment when I enjoyed with fans at the first concert.” (Kyuhyun)

“It’s really fun to be with members. Especially, when Kang In jumped without pants at the concert rehearsal?” (Siwon)

“It was really fun when we held ‘SUPER SHOW 4’ Korea encore concert. Personally, I really like the concert contents too. It was more fun since it was an encore concert.” (Eunhyuk)

“The waiting room with members is always fun. I cannot stop laughing~.” (Kang In)

“Wouldn’t it be faster to ask when was the most boring time than when was the most cheerful moment? It is because we play really excitingly even when we move. LOL I want to shoot a reality program at the waiting room.” (Heechul)


⑤ ‘SuperJunior’ is a record-maker. Even among? = They made various records in Korea and overseas. They monopolized the no.1 trophy and rookie award in Korea. They also received the best popular group award in China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Hong Kong, etc. Members remembered the longest no.1 record in Taiwan’s chart among those.

“It is no exaggeration to say that we wrote new history since our debut since we debuted as the most members, acted and received awards. The no.1 record we made for consecutive 121 weeks in Taiwan’s music chart is the most remaining thing in my mind. We first betted on until when we could be no.1. It went beyond 20, 30 and then 121 weeks…. If there’s one sad thing, it is that we didn’t leave that record in a trophy or a plaque.” (Leeteuk)

(SuperJunior has ranked no.1 for consecutive 121 weeks in Taiwan’s maximum online music site, KKBOX with 3rd album title song, ‘Sorry Sorry’. It is the longest no.1 new record in KKBOX chart’s history.)

“SuperJunior’s record is amazing. LOL I want to record the first day we met ELF. Our debut day, November 6th, 2005.” (Ryeowook)

“We recorded the longest no.1 in Taiwan’s music chart.” (Kyuhyun)

“‘The 100th concert of world tour ‘SUPER SHOW’.” (Siwon)

(‘SUPER SHOW’ is the brand name of the solo concert which ‘SuperJunior’ started since 2008. It has now been ongoing until ‘SUPER SHOW 6’. They also achieved holding the 100th concert through ‘SUPER SHOW’ which was held in Korea in September.)

“The time when we grand-slammed the rookie awards.” (Eunhyuk)

(They received the rookie awards in every music awards held in 2006 such as in SBS Gayo Daejeon, Golden Disk Awards, Seoul Music Awards, Melon Awards, Mnet KM Music Festival, JukeOn Digital Music Awards. It was a grand slam.)

“The time when we held the 100th concert in Korea. Holding the 100th world tour is really meaningful. It means that we met global fans for 100 times. We have to go for the 200th time now, right?” (Kang In)

“It’s the time when we ranked no.1 in Taiwan for 121 consecutive weeks. We even asked each other how this could be possible. We even asked about ‘Does only our song be played in Taiwan?” (Heechul)


⑥ Memories with fans are always fun = ‘SuperJunior’s official fan club is ‘ELF’. It’s the abbreviation of ‘Ever Lasting Friends’ and stands for ‘forever friends’. There are thousands of ELFs acting in Korea and abroad currently. ‘SuperJunior’ and ‘ELF’ cannot be detached. They have many special memories together.

“We held a fan meeting event after the first broadcast was over on our debut day. We have held many events such as High-five event, Exchange card event, and Hug event. I remember when I gave coffee to fans as presents recently. I think I cannot pick one since I had a lot of memories every moment. ” (Leeteuk)

“Our first fan meeting event?! The day when we met fans right after finishing ‘TWINS’ performance at Popular Music. I cannot forget the puzzled moment and image of that time.” (Ryeowook)

“I cannot forget the moment when 50 thousand fans start surfing.”(Kyuhyun)

“That’s right. When those pearl sapphire blue light sabers make waves…. Ah, that should be seen in real.” (Siwon)

“We held a fan meeting event after the first broadcast was finished on the first day of our debut. About a thousand fans came and I cannot forget about that time.” (Eunhyuk)

“I remember the time of ‘SUPER SHOW 5’, the South America tour in last year. I met South American fans for the first time and could feel the passionate love.” (Kang In)

“I cannot memorize people’s face or names well. But since when, I always look at fans’ faces for once in order to memorize them by any means. Although I don’t know that fan’s name, I want to say, “Oh, you’ve come again” when I see them next time.” (Heechul)


⑦ It’s time to get goose bumps. The most thankful moment? = They have been together for 9 years. It’s more than 10 years even when those trainee years are added. Members have been together at each side for a long time. When would their most thankful moment be? They say that just being together is thankful.

“I thank for just being together for a long time. Members, I thank you. Let’s be together by understanding each other also in the future since we have to be together more for a long time~!” (Leeteuk)

“I’m always thankful since I feel that I’ve been loved a lot during activities and I feel that I should do my best more.” (Ryeowook)

“I was lying in the hospital due to a car accident. Members came and stayed by my side and I felt them like my family.” (Kyuhyun)

(April 19th, 2007. When he was going home after finishing a radio broadcast, they got an accident of car getting tipped up. Members such as Leeteuk, Shindong, , Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun were in that car. Kyuhyun went into a coma for 4 days by getting severely wounded. However, he miraculously recovered his consciousness and staged again after 5 months.)

“Members understand and considerate others more year after year. I thank them.” (Siwon)

“I cannot just pick one.” (Eunhyuk)

“Nothing. LOL ” (Kang In)

“I have nothing too~~ LOL. ” (Heechul)


⑧ We asked them the most memorable SuperJunior’s memory = They have been acting for 9 years. They spent more time with each other than with their family. They would have many memories since they have been together for a long time. Members picked the trip as a special memory among those.

“The trip in Italy. I was tired due to tight schedule and I got a nose bleed due to more traveling schedule. But I won all the bets of buying food at the Rock-Paper-Scissors game every time we ate food. So I cannot forget the trip in Italy.” (Leeteuk)

“We went on trips to Europe a lot. It was so amazing to see members’ images that I didn’t know and it was a special time. ^^ I would like to go on a trip again by setting our schedules~. ” (Ryeowook)

“Trip to Italy which we went on our vacation for the first time.” (Kyuhyun)

“I have many memories with members but I suddenly come up with the video of guessing who makes a high tone recently now. ” (Siwon)

“I remember time when we went on a tour to South America. We had fun going to nice restaurants and going on a trip in the spare time even we had tight schedule.” (Eunhyuk)

“It’s definitely at the waiting room! Our waiting room is really fun. When crew attendants all say “Hello”, we all say “Hello” too. When the captain says, “Thank you for boarding this plane”, we say “We’re more honored.” We act silly like this. We’re going to be likes this further on too. LOL” (Heechul)


⑨ Lastly, things you want to say to members = They are always together. But there are things they have not said to each other directly. We have given them rolling paper at this chance. There was word, ‘I love you and thank you’ the most. Heechul left a personal message to Shindong who was waiting for his military entrance.

“Let’s behave like just today. Like now today, tomorrow even like now, and after several years even like now … Let’s be together by cheering up a little more. I love you. GO GO! ” (Leeteuk)

“Always thank you. ” (Ryeowook)

“Always thank you and I love you. ” (Kyuhyun)

“I sincerely hope that we all be on our side. I hope we always be healthy and happy like now.” (Siwon)

“Elder brothers, younger brothers, and friends that I met at my teenage years. I really feel happy that you all remain like then now. Let us not lose this image and be together for a long time. I love you, my members.” (Eunhyuk)

“Shindong, you’re really entering the military now. You’ve done well until now. I hope you have some relaxation by mingling with people although you would have hard time went you enter like you are showing good images and getting stress before entering the military. Shindong, I love you!!. ” (Heechul)
Arrangement=Na Ji Yeon (Dispatch)
Info-graphic= Kim Hye Won (Dispatch)

via: mysilentmemory


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