[STARCAST] “How did he become a ballad singer”

…Kyuhyun’s pentastich love song | 141126


Gwanghwamun is a place where lovers’ memories are contained in it…. It also treasures the time flow. That is why Lee Moon Sae’s ‘Gwanghwamun Love Song’ could be created. Also another ballad singer sings about Gwanghwamun calmly and lonely… He is ‘SuperJunior’s Kyuhyun.
Please forget about splendid idol Kyuhyun, since Kyuhyun is just a ballad singer. Someone said that he’s the next generation’s ballad singer that would continue Sung Si Kyung. Could anyone have imagined ‘SuperJunior’ Kyuhyun and ‘Radio Star’ Kyuhyun sing traditional ballad song that well~?
We came up with this thought of wouldn’t Kyuhyun have had hard times since he took his first step as a ballad singer since it’s not easy to break the prejudice toward an idol. Besides, Kyuhyun has a title as entertainer. He would’ve also got intimidated by the comeback news of Toy and Park Hyo Shin.
It seems like he has made great effort. Maybe practicing would’ve been the only thing to survive since there is nothing to gain without effort. When we listen to ‘At Gwanghwamun’, we fall into Kyuhyun’s voice without noticing since he sings neatly without any techniques. We cannot imagine how much he had practiced until he could sound like this vocal.
He wasn’t poor at anything. We understood why everyone says that singer is told by songs and actor is told by acting skills. What did Kyuhyun want to say through ‘At Gwanghwamun’? It wouldn’t be just the common farewell story of lovers. He would’ve wanted to tell his growth within it. What do you think, Kyuhyun?
by Dispatch.


‘At Gwanghwamun’ is a song which I prepared secretly without letting members know for 2 years. It was the work of releasing solo album among ‘SuperJunior’ members for the first time. I was nervous and felt uncomfortable. I couldn’t release the solo album even though I finished the first recording since many affairs overlapped. So I waited for the time.
I also got angry. I planned to act solo in 2007. It came out in about 7 years. I worked in group and entertainment programs in the meanwhile. I started entertainment in order to act in solo since people don’t listen to songs when the artist doesn’t have profile. So I decided to sing after promoting my name.
The problem was at controlling my conditions. I ran out of energy with SuperJunior’s album activities, world tours, entertainment programs, and musical performances. It was really hard to regain my energies. Voice that I wanted didn’t come out when I did recording. So I prepared the solo album by abstaining from drinking for a month.
The reason why I could make sad voice is thanks to my experience of love. Fans would not like this but I believe one cannot sing being a solo since birth. One has to love and also break up. But I don’t have much experience of love sadly. So I asked for writing the lyrics to my best friend, TVXQ!’s MAX.
Composer Kenzie made up for parts where I was not good at and insufficient. I thank Kenzie the most at this work. Actually, ‘At Gwanghwamun’ was a song that was planned to be given to SuperJunior’s ballad unit, ‘K.R.Y’. But I gaped after it. Kenzie who knew my passion than anyone else accepted my request without hesitation. Oh, Yiruma also gave a big help.
by Kyuhyun


I listened well to ‘At Gwanghwamun’. ‘Eternal Sunshine’ which I made is a song which the deep emotions of the piano melody outstand. It contains the feeling of a man after breaking up such like ‘I try to hate you / I try to find the reasons for breaking up / but my heart bleeds / I get to encounter you although I haven’t forgot anything’.
It’s a result of harmony. I’m working as a composer team called ‘Mind Tailor’ with composer ‘2FACE’. ‘Mind Tailor’ has the meaning of ‘guessing the mind after reading it’. In other words, we compose in accordance with the artist’s color. I made a sensitive ballad song for Kyuhyun.
Problem? Trouble? There wasn’t anything since he’s a guy that does well usually. I didn’t worry actually since I heard about Kyuhyun’s singing skills around me well. So I didn’t request for a special vocal. Kyuhyun sang after understanding alone. He vivified the feeling of lyricist Yang Jae Sun’s lyrics perfectly.
I could feel the affection. His image of making an effort looked smart. Kyuhyun has the most optimized voice to ballad song. His tone is really stable as if he practiced so much. He is a singer that has attractive sweet voice. I think he has more soft sweeter voice than Sung Si Kyung personally.
I believe he would settle himself as a ballad singer gradually. He has enough potential. The most surprising thing is that it’s just the start for him now. There would be more colors within Kyuhyun. I’m really curious how much this friend would develop to. Let’s ask this to the father of ballads.
by Yiruma


I was quite surprised when I heard ‘At Gwanghwamun’. It felt different from the Kyuhyun that I had known. He distinguished himself at entertainment programs. He’s also a member of dance group, SuperJunior. Actually I didn’t have high expectations when I heard that Kyuhyun was debuting solo with ballad.
I think it worked well since it wasn’t a splendid ballad. ‘At Gwanghwamun’ is a traditional ballad of the 90’s. The melody is fresh and warm. It also gives a feeling of Japanese ballad overall. It’s the right song to attract winter sensibility.
I think it has stepped over the threshold. Kyuhyun has broken the prejudice toward idol and has the sensibility as a ballad singer. It definite to show off his vocal if he’s an idol. They expose immature vocal sometimes. But Kyuhyun’s voice is great as itself. It has absorptive power although he sings it calmly.
Was it due to his plaintive voice? He kept on maintaining within ‘top 5’ of real time music charts for 2 consecutive weeks. I believe he’s competing really well among Toy and Park Hyo Shin. I think people enjoy listening to it since it’s not too provocative. And I also think that the secret of its long-run lies on the comfortable vocal. It’s comfortable to listen anytime.
I think it’s just the prologue since I can see his potential fully. He’s strong with his awareness. Every Korean knows Kyuhyun. Besides, since he has been acknowledged for his skills, I believe he would become a Korea’s representative ballad singer if he builds up his years of experience.
by Cho Young Soo.
☞ We expressed Kyuhyun’s ‘At Gwanghwamun’ in pentastich. We rearranged the contents with the interviews of Yiruma, and Cho Young Soo at the basis.

Writing=Kim Soo Ji (Dispatch)
Picture=SM Entertainment • Dispatch DB


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