About Me

I’m just an ELF. Friends of SUPER JUNIOR. I created this blog to show how much I love SUPER JUNIOR.

ELF, I was in it, become part of their family.


SUPER JUNIOR, those who gave all forms of happiness. They are my inspiration. Taugh me, what is love, friendship, family, and struggles.


YESUNG a.k.a Kim Jongwoon,


He was the man who showed me how to be someone who prioritizes family than anything.  He taught me how to give caring to others without showing it directly.



they are the best couple. Not of speech, but of every action that shows how much they need each other, protect each other. I believe if KyuMin is Real.

for all ELF in this world, still love OUR SUPERMAN 🙂

December 2, 2015, Right on that day I became a Carat


Carat is the name of the Seventeen’s fans


i got crush with one of the member who named Hansol Vernon Chwe. he’s one of the Hip Hop Unit. He’s handsome, adorable, cute, pure, innocent, good looking, swag, meme boy, bla bla bla, and I just fall in love to him


I got new ship too, that called Verkwan

Hansol Vernon Chwe & Boo Seungkwan


this ship is gold! they’re so cute together ><

And that is … I’m me. a girl who may not be you like. but, this is my life.
someone who is crazy about music, movies, and kdrama.


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